Gel Long Life 800 Strong Restorer

Gel Long Life 800 Strong Restorer

Strong restorer...

Is a product with strong dispersing and restoring action to remove high amounts of metal oxides and scale deposits built up over time in heating systems. Long Life 800 is capable of dispersing and bringing into suspension even the most resistant sludge present in the system, thus restoring the correct circulation in the radiating elements partly blocked. With Long Life 800 there is no need to clean the system with acid products, thus solving the related problems. The product can be used on all metals of the system, including aluminium.

For more information on the product please refer to the Data Sheet below under the Brochure Icon.

Safety Data Sheets are also downloadable below under the Technical Icon.

Available as 1 Litre container.

Click on the link to view a U Tube video on Gel's website showing flushing with Long Life 800