Hydronic Condensing Boilers & Accessories Wall Hung & Floor Standing Domestic & Commercial

Hydronic Cast Iron Wood Burner Boiler

Lamborghini's Eco Logic Cast Iron Wood burner boiler offers the following features and benefits: High yield GG 20 (EN-GJL-200) cast iron solid fuel boiler, fit for wood or coke combustion.Pellet operation after assembling of the burner plate... Read More

Beretta Meteo Green HE35 Pre-mix Condensing Wall Hung Hydronic Boiler

Proudly introducing our new high efficiency pre-mix condensing indoor/outdoor hydronic boiler - Meteo Green from Beretta, 36 - 3.4 kW's with an impressive 1:10 modulation, an energy saving modulating pump, supplied with a programmable wall... Read More

Beretta Ciao Green Boiler

Beretta Ciao Green is a wall hung condensing boiler with compact dimensions and a low lift weight which enables a flexible installation almost anywhere in the home. Reducing running costs by up to 35% more than a conventional boiler, helping to... Read More

Beretta Power Plus Pre-mix Condensing Boilers Light Commercial

A Power Plus condensing module can contain one or two 50 kW boiler units, connected to the water and gas system in parallel.  Pre-mix combustion, consisting of a modulating gas valve integrated with a high total head fan, guaranteeing the... Read More

Beretta Power Plus Condensing HE 500 Series Box

Beretta Box 500 series condensing boilers offer stand alone and cascade installations up to 3 MW total power.  Up to 60 combustion units can be cascaded to reach up to 3 MW of power, with a modulation down to only 16 kW.Boasting latest... Read More

Beretta Connect Base

Beretta Zoning/mixing systems...Connect Base has been design to fit unobtrusively on the wall underneath hydronic wall hung boilers and is suitable for use with both atmospheric and wall hung hydronic condensing boilers.  As there is no... Read More

Lamborghini Futuria Condensing Boilers

Efficiency Plus... Lamborghini Futuria Power condensing hydronic modules have been designed with the future very much in mind.  Energy efficiency is at the heart of every modern commerical building design, along with a sustainable ethos... Read More