Hydronic Pipes & Fittings including Underfloor

AluPex Multilayer Pipe

Strength and ease of installation...  Hurlcon Hydronic Heating's AluPex multilayer pipe is manufactured from a core of high density polyethylene, a mid-layer of aluminium foil, and an outer coating of high density polyethylene. These layers are... Read More

NTM Multilayer Pipe Fittings

Quick, easy, quality...  N.T.M. S.P.A. is a leading Italian manufacturer of fittings and markets its products in Italy and in more than 50 foreign countries. Relocated to Brandico (also in the province of Brescia) at the end of 2004, it now... Read More

Oventrop Copex Pipe

German quality and engineering... Oventrop Copex pipe is used for in-slab hydronic underfloor heating systems. Manufactured from high density polyethylene Oventrop Copex is cross-linked under high temperatures to give a highly resilient yet... Read More

Capricorn Assembled Stainless Steel Manifolds

Stainless Steel durability...  Capricorn's, durable and long lasting complete 1" stainless steel manifolds are for floor heating.   For more details please download the brochure below: Read More

SBK Multizone 3000

Zoning = savings...  SBK's German engineers have developed the ingenious Multizone system 3000 which allows you to control 2-3 zones from one actuator, giving greater flexibility with zoning, as well as significant cost savings.SBK offer a... Read More

SBK Modular Manifold Systems

Modular = flexibility...  The German designed and manufactured SBK modular manifold system is comprised of individual ‘blocks’ which can easily be assembled to the required number of heating circuits  and allows for fast on-site alteration... Read More

8 Zone Power Module

Zoning = energy savings... The PM100 control unit from Giacomini is designed to be used in conjunction with manifold systems and is capable of controlling up to 8 ambient room thermostats driving up to 16 actuators. Read More

Studded Insulation Panel

Insulation = energy saved... Hurlcon Hydronic Heating's Australian made studded polystyrene insulation panels are perfect for installing a hydronic screed heating system over your structural slab or existing floor. The 1200mm x 800mm panels... Read More