Room Thermostats

Besmart Thermostats

The BeSMART allows you to check the temperature in your house and the operation of your Beretta boiler without you needing to access it. BeSMART can be used as: Remote Control for the complete control – OT-Bus communication (only for the Beretta... Read More

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

Comfort and control... The Honeywell CM907 thermostat is designed to be used in conjunction with your boiler to provide automatic time and temperature control of your central heating system.Features include large LCD display... Read More

Honeywell DT 90 on/off Thermostat

Uncomplicated display... The new DT90 family of digital room thermostats is a range of market leading products designed to provide comfort with economy in modern heating systems.  It's large display and simple button interface make the... Read More

Siemens RDE100.1 RFS Wireless Thermostat

Flexibility of installation... The RDE100.1 digital programmable thermostat combines wireless capability with easy to use functionality.  Daily digital programmable thermostatComplete with receiverLarge LCD displayBattery poweredVolt... Read More

Siemens Thermostat

Intelligent control... Siemens REV thermostats provide for home comfort, energy savings and flexibility for your temperature control requirements.  Features include backlit LCD, easily detaches from mounting bracket, options 24 hour clock... Read More

On/Off Thermostat

Simplicity with control... This simple controller, offers a dial temperature setting for your comfort.  With a straight forward on/off control to keep your heating uncomplicated and easy to operate. Read More